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In flux

I’ve been neglecting my blog for quite some time. We flew off to San Francisco to see one of my step-sons graduate and to meet up with family we haven’t seen for over a decade. LittlestCatHead got to meet her step-grandmother and another of her dad’s brothers for the very first time.

Also, I’ve been feeling like my sewing is quite amateurish. I feel I’m not progressing fast enough, learning enough new techniques. I’m not taking risks. I’ve been focusing on getting ready for my first craft fair and I’m not satisfied at all with what I’ve made. I feel like I’m right on the edge of something. Ever feel that way in your sewing or crafting journey? I’ve got to move forward or try something different.

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A treat for myself

I don’t usually make things for myself. But this fabric seemed perfect for my wardrobe. It has brown and grey and blue, which are colors I wear often. Then I met someone at HipStitch who had a cute little bag and when I asked her where she got the pattern, she told me it was The Buttercup Bag.

I made a few changes cuz after feeling how the interfacing felt against the lining, I decided to skip the magnetic snap. It felt too heavy for such a cute little bag. I might make this again with a zipper closure…

Mine! All mine! I'm not sharing this one!

Mine! All mine! I'm not sharing this one!



Pattern: Made by Rae’s Buttercup Bag
Fabric: Amy Butler’s Lotus Faded China in Olive/Geisha Fans for exterior and pocket, Lotus Faded China in Linen/ Full Moon Polka Dot for interior
Music to sew by: Vitas’ Blessed Guru, over and over because I like it that much

Again, my second pic is huge. I really feel stupid because I can’t fix it. Also, the pic is dark…I’ll have to take another one tomorrow but I wanted to get this post up now. I love this bag!!!

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Another Sample

I’m calling this the Ie Bag. “Ie” is one Japanese word for “house.” There are others but this one seems to fit best here. It’s much smaller than the Kali bag, at only 6 1/2 x 8 in. I used coarse Japanese linen and a random Japanese cotton fabric from Kokka.

Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home



Music to sew by: Gorillaz, esp Dare

And again, I hate WordPress. WHY is it making every second pic on here BIGGER?!?!

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Spring Soiree

Hip Stitch is having their Spring Soiree today. Drop by anytime from 10 to 6 and check out local craftsters’ wares. I’ll meet you there in about an hour!

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Collaboration, baby!

Momtastic and I are teaming up to create a line of outfits and co-ordinating bags for tweens. I made a sample of a bag in a style I’m thinking of using for the line. (Line is as yet un-named. We’re still thinking!)

I’m calling this the “Kali” bag style…for now, at least.



Kali lining

Kali lining

Kali bottom closeup

Kali bottom closeup

Pattern: my own design
Fabric: Alexander Henry and Kaffe Fassett and some random fuschia stuff from Jo Ann’s
Music to sew by: The Decemberists newest album, last track (My Fave!)

PS-I have no idea why the second pic is larger than the rest…I resized them all and messed with code…but alas, I’m not savvy enough to fix it. Just deal, okay?

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Feb2012 ABQ  Guess what I had for lunch today? :)  (This is pre-rooster, lime, and extra basil)

Feb2012 ABQ  Some new sake to try! From dusk to dawn. (Reminds me that I haven't seen that movie in a while...)

Feb2012 ABQ  Arbuckle is not happy.

Feb2012 ABQ  Raja is perplexed that this is Arbuckle's solution.

Feb2012 ABQ  He doesn't know what to make of the inserts.

Feb2012 ABQ  Remember Maru?  Arbuckle wants to be the new Maru.

Feb2012 ABQ  Did you know Bengal boys wear bindi too?

Feb2012 ABQ  This is me trying to cleverly hide the zit on my cheek. This did not work because Soph didn't tell me I wasn't actually covering the zit. Now it looks like I'm drawing your attention to it. ARGH! But hey, we had fun.

Feb2012  ABQ    I hate the way I'm pursing my lips in this but Soph looks so stinkin' cute that I had to post it :)

Feb2012  ABQ    the back. And you can get a good idea of the color. I love it!

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