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LittlestCatHead’s Creation

LittlestCatHead has been taking a screenprinting class on Sundays for a few weeks. She’s thoroughly enjoying it. Her print is of a cat. Of course. She printed two cats in different colors on some muslin. I added some fabric scraps and turned it into a pillowcase. She loves it!

I can haz pillowcase?

I can haz pillowcase?

Print close-up

Print close-up

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Happy Father’s Day

Hope you all are enjoying a nice day with the daddies in your life. I made MrCatHead a lovely brunch but had a bit of trouble with our blender. Instead of mango lassis, we now have mango pudding because I ended up having to put all the ingredients in the food processor when the blender started smoking!

For brunch, I made a baked dish with polenta slices, spicy tomato sauce, linguica, cheddar cheese and eggs. It was amazing!

Tonight, I have another yummy meal planned for him. That man loves food! It’s the easiest way to make him happy. I’d already made the ricotta pudding (which actually is more of a cheesecake) for dessert but he valiantly offered to have mango pudding as well. What a guy.

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2009 Craft Fair at Mama’s Minerals

We just got back from the craft fair. We left a bit early because it was getting windy and things were flying off the table. Also, LittlestCatHead had been there with us since 8:30 and I think she was at the end of her tolerance. She did well, though, I must say. The sun was blistering for about an hour and a half so she got underneath the table and read a book. I’m very happy with how we all did, moneywise. We didn’t quite reach our goal but we did so well for our first craft fair.

Craft Fair, Family Style

Craft Fair, Family Style

If you are visiting this site for the first time because you took my business card today, let me welcome you and thank you for your interest in Cat Head Creations. I will be spending my evening uploading pics of what I had for sale today and also posting new items on my etsy site. Hope you find something you like!

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Feb2012 ABQ  Guess what I had for lunch today? :)  (This is pre-rooster, lime, and extra basil)

Feb2012 ABQ  Some new sake to try! From dusk to dawn. (Reminds me that I haven't seen that movie in a while...)

Feb2012 ABQ  Arbuckle is not happy.

Feb2012 ABQ  Raja is perplexed that this is Arbuckle's solution.

Feb2012 ABQ  He doesn't know what to make of the inserts.

Feb2012 ABQ  Remember Maru?  Arbuckle wants to be the new Maru.

Feb2012 ABQ  Did you know Bengal boys wear bindi too?

Feb2012 ABQ  This is me trying to cleverly hide the zit on my cheek. This did not work because Soph didn't tell me I wasn't actually covering the zit. Now it looks like I'm drawing your attention to it. ARGH! But hey, we had fun.

Feb2012  ABQ    I hate the way I'm pursing my lips in this but Soph looks so stinkin' cute that I had to post it :)

Feb2012  ABQ    the back. And you can get a good idea of the color. I love it!

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